Something Hear – Track 7 from Face On Water

We took a few weeks off from the #FlickerFeature posts but we’re coming back hot with track 7, Something Hear. This song opens the third act of the album, and represents exploration, movement, and ambiguity.

An older version contained a sample that said, “There must be something here,” which gave the song its name, but also, its vibe. There is an uncertain, nervous aspect of that phrase, as in, “There must be something here…right?” We’re all searching for something, or many things, and it’s interesting to think about the feeling you have when you finally found it. Is this it? Is my life less meaningful now that I’ve found it? What now?

Another sample that was removed said, “Here’s a little something for you.” Again, these words play into the song’s name, but the context is different. Rather than searching for something, and wondering if you’ve found it, you are being given something. Were you looking for it in the first place? Do you want it? Is the gift serving you, or the person giving it to you? Lots of important and interesting philosophical questions to explore, especially regarding human to human relationships and interactions.

The video for Something Hear explores these questions a bit as well. A typewriter types about a painter creating, a photographer produces prints from his captures, and a model works in front of the camera, being pulled in numerous directions by an eerie shadow puppet master.

Speaking of relationships, I’d like to say something about Chris Anton, who gets a chance to shine in multiple spots on this track. Quite simply put, he is my favorite guitar player, and I’m lucky to have had the chance to hear so much of his playing over the years. We connect musically in a way that is indescribable in words, but just makes perfect sense when it happens. It’s very telepathic, both mentally and spiritually. This song gives you a taste of his range, from subtle clean melodies, to distorted solos, to some incredible rhythm work. Most of this song has at least two or three guitar parts happening at once. The guitar is not typically a featured instrument in electronic music, which makes this song even more special and unique in my mind.


Listen to Something Hear on Spotify or watch the video below:

Recorded and produced by Ryan Goodman. Mastered by Rollin Weary at IV Lab Studios in Chicago.

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