Seek Shelter – Track 8 from Face On Water

Dropping in as this week’s #FlickerFeature is track 8 from our debut Face On Water album, Seek Shelter. The song showcases our downtempo and rhythmic, percussive style of songwriting, centering around a primary chord progression that evolves in subtle ways but remains stable and meditative throughout.

There is also a bit of an ominous mood in this one. I think the title of the song really contributes to that vibe. The song’s working title was “Fire in the Whole,” and after reading about and experiencing second-hand the false alarm nuclear missile scare in Hawaii in January 2018, we decided to rename the song to “Seek Shelter.” The emergency text that people in Hawaii received that day ended with the most terrifying phrase, “SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” This false alarm led people to immediately leave wherever they were and rush home to see their families one last time. Some people opened manholes and put their kids down them in hopes they would be safer. For about 40 minutes, many people in Hawaii thought that their lives were about to end. It’s incredibly horrifying to think about.

On a related note, we decided the video for this song should pay homage to the nature of Hawaii. Specifically, the ocean. The ocean is such a magical thing – its constant movements, changing rhythms, incredible colors, connection to space and other elements, and all its life and beauty remind me that it is the heart of our planet. However, it is suffering from overfishing, coral destruction, and pollution. Thankfully, organizations like Oceana, Ocean Conservancy, Pacific Whale Foundation, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and many more work hard each day on ocean education and conservation. We fully support organizations like these and encourage you to do the same.

I lived in Hawaii for a few years and have been so incredibly inspired (as have many others) by its history, culture, and people. At the core of this culture and lifestyle is Aloha, which has many definitions, including “the coordination of the mind and the heart within each person” and “to consciously manifest life energy joyously in the present.” It is much more than a greeting; it is a way of life. This song is dedicated to anyone around this world who embodies what it means to Live Aloha.


Watch the video below or Listen to Seek Shelter on Spotify

Recorded and produced by Ryan Goodman. Mastered by Rollin Weary at IV Lab Studios in Chicago.

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