Rush N Attack – Track 5 from Face On Water

The fifth song on our Face On Water album is Rush N Attack. This is the third and final drum and bass track on the album, which revolves around a simple 3-note bassline that often gets doubled, accented, or harmonized by Anton’s guitar work.

Drum and bass is some of the most amazing music on the planet. It’s so diverse, from the straight forward beats you hear subtly in TV ads, to the tribal, ancient, jungle rhythms found in some of the early underground explorations of this style. Obviously, the drums and the bass both must be strong and solid, but to us, it’s much more than just those two components. We love to make drum and bass that is simple enough to dance to, but also musically interesting enough to play live and evoke a range of emotion.

Electronic music is often associated with digital, man-made technology, and paired visually with an urban or industrial landscape. However, good drum and bass is also about nature. You can listen to a booming drum and bass tune and use it as the perfect soundtrack to what I think of as “big nature:” a gorgeous mountain range, ocean waves, a whale swimming, and so on. That big nature is the bass. But the other pieces – the rhythmic complexities of the drum beat, the musical progressions and melodies in the middle and on top of the music – that’s the rest of nature, the building blocks that surround the big stuff. It all works together, both in the music and in the pattern of living things.

I really like the juxtaposition between the A and B sections in this track. The A section’s mood is minor and foreboding, while the B section is much more hopeful and uplifting. It’s an easy parallel to how a lot of people feel, and a nice emotional balance.

The song was recorded during a tracking session we coincidentally scheduled the day after the 2016 election. It was certainly a weird day around the country, and our mood that evening when we got together carried a lot of the weight that many people were feeling about the election result. As more information unfolded in the months that followed, we gave the song its name to memorialize this moment in our lives, having been written and recorded so soon after one of the strangest attacks we’ve witnessed. It’s one thing to launch missiles; it’s another thing altogether to be unknowingly attacked and infiltrated through legitimate channels that we all engage with daily.

I am writing this on #NationalVoterRegistrationDay. Please Register to VOTE


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Recorded, produced, mastered by Ryan Goodman.

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