Each week, we will feature one of the tracks from our new album, Face On Water, in order. Next up is Raise the Dawn – Track 6 from Face On Water

Raise the Dawn moves away from the drum and bass feel of the album’s previous two tracks and takes you into a more mellow, downtempo listening experience. Like many tracks on this album, Raise the Dawn was written from an improvised chord progression that took on a life of its own. From there, we crafted the track’s structure, and layered in leads, changes, and rhythms throughout.

Despite being a slower song, there is really a lot going on in this one. Greg Warren’s brilliant saxophone work is featured in this song, marking his second appearance on the album. Anton also slips in a tasty solo at the 2:01 mark, as well as some slick rhythmic comping throughout the song. Goodie’s syncopated percussion add a variety of depth and rhythm to the song, while the bass gets to sit back and play the role of the constant.

Be sure to check out the video – the silhouette of the woman dancing in front of the sun, as well as the flock of birds flying at sunrise, is some of my favorite imagery we’ve synched with our music thus far. The sun gives us life, beauty, warmth, light, our concept of time, and so much more. It’s our shining star, and Raise the Dawn is dedicated to its significance.

The last three featured tracks have all been tied to a social or political cause, but this track is straight up music for the sake of making music that we enjoy. We hope you do too.


Listen to Raise the Dawn on Spotify or watch the video below:

Recorded and produced by Ryan Goodman. Mastered by Rollin Weary at IV Lab Studios in Chicago.

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