Each week, we will feature one of the tracks from our new album, Face On Water, in order. So, let’s start at the beginning with OMGTTFS, track 1 from the album!

In 2001, the three of us founded and launched a live electronic band called Motion For Alliance (MFA), alongside our brother Jonathan Modell (shout out to Greg Newton and Chris Beers). That band toured the country for a few years, developing and evolving different styles of electronic music in a live band setting. For a period of time in 2003, we played improvised drum and bass almost exclusively.

OMGTTFS was recorded in the same spirit as those MFA improvised DnB sessions from 15 years ago. Anton and I created a series of progressions and melodies on the fly on top of a variety of beats and ideas Goodie was playing. From there, we cut up what we liked and pieced the song together.

This track pays obvious homage to two big influences in our collective musical history. The song starts immediately with a keyboard part that is reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd opened many doors for bands like us, both literally and spiritually. They were phenomenal songwriters that incorporated other-wordly sounds into some of the most popular music in human history. They were also one of the first (maybe the first?) live bands to use samples in their music (the end of “Fearless” comes to mind).

The second, more direct homage in this song is the Beastie Boys sample that also gives this song its name. The Beastie Boys were ground-breakers as well, bridging the gap between hip hop, rock, and pop music so audiences from all three camps could get down with the sound. They also served as ambassadors for global human rights and a number of other causes worthy of our deepest respect and gratitude.

We wanted the first song on our album to hit hard and grab your attention. With all that said, we hope you enjoy experiencing this track as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Listen to OMGTTFS on Spotify or watch the video below.

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