Each week, we will feature one of the tracks from our new album, Face On Water, in order. Next up is the title track, Face On Water.

Face On Water was written during a recording session in 2016 in Boulder, CO. We had been playing with a few different progressions and settled on the main theme you hear at the beginning of the song. The catchy bassline and driving 4×4 drum beat just fit perfectly underneath it. Goodie also laid down some choice keyboard melodies as the song ramps up.

After jamming on this main theme for a while, Anton introduced the chords in the B section, which is more of a turnaround at first, and has a more mellow and ethereal feel. This part is highlighted by a tasty sax melody, provided by our longtime friend, the amazing Greg Warren.

Greg then steps up and rips a solo about halfway through the track that takes us through another quick B section turnaround before returning to the main theme. Immediately after the sax solo, Anton plays one of my favorite rhythm guitar lines of all time at 3:25. Every time I hear it, that line gets me. The syncopation is perfect with the bassline, and it has so much to say with just a few chords.

As we round the corner, we hit the third instance of the B section, although this time we stay on that progression for the rest of the song. The bassline changes to the only one I even considered for this section, as it just felt right, and Anton flexes a guitar solo that has a great build to the song’s climax and finale.

We named the album after this track because we feel this track encompasses a lot of who we are as a band: tight playing and progressions, communal musicianship, and a driving beat that you can dance to or just listen and chill. For these reasons, this is also the first song we shared with the world when we announced our band and new album. We hope you enjoy it!

Listen to Face On Water on Spotify or watch the video below.

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