Evolution (Green Matter) is the fourth song on the Face On Water album, opening up the album’s middle section, and returning to a drum and bass feel. As noted in the Grey Matter feature, this song was recorded during the same session as Grey Matter. We think of the two songs as siblings, as they share a similar chord progression and key, but can easily stand on their own as individual tracks.

Just as Grey Matter was named and dedicated to our opposition of racial injustice and general human-to-human oppression, Evolution (Green Matter) is named for our firm belief in the impacts of climate change, the importance of sustaining our environment, and our stance against people and organizations that prioritize profit over environmental health. We must live with our planet, rather than just live on it. We are a part of nature. Harming our planet is harming ourselves.

“Evolution” refers to the evolution of both our planet and the life it sustains, as well as the devolution of the level of environmental importance and care found too often today. “Green Matter” is a not-so-subtle shout out to pro-Earth life choices.

This song is dedicated to anyone who acts to care for nature and our environment, as well as anyone who enjoys spending time in nature. Hike, swim, see new things, walk, run, unplug, think, smile, and breathe deeply.

Our planet existed long before us, and will likely exist long after we’re all gone. Our actions as humans have certainly bruised our planet, but Earth’s own evolution and adaptability will correct our environmental blunders. If we’re not careful, our actions, and the planet’s reactions, will be our species’ downfall. Nature always wins.

Evolution (Green Matter) features passionate and powerful vocals from our friend, Shara Brun.

Listen to Evolution (Green Matter) on Spotify or watch the video below:

Recorded and produced by Ryan Goodman. Mastered by Rollin Weary at IV Lab Studios in Chicago.

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